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5 Reasons you should be using Menu Syndication

  1. Save time by updating 5 websites at once

    Menu Syndication allows you to update your product inventory across the web, all in real-time. This saves you countless hours a week from the tedious task of updating 5+ different websites as your inventory fluctuates. By tying in your login credentials, we'll help you update your inventory listed on Leafly, Facebook and of course your own website.

  2. Attract more customers by broadcasting accurate product inventory

    Customers know what they want, but how do they know you have what they're looking for? By keeping your inventory updated, you'll help your business appear in search results for particular products and strains.

  3. Bulk editing makes inventory management faster

    Need to put a series of products on sale? Or need to remove out-of-stock products? Bulk editing makes this easy by allowing you to quickly modify several products at once across multiple categories.

  4. Point-of-Sale integration means hands-free marketing

    With Point-of-Sale integration, you can seamlessly sync your products from your POS directly to Where's Weed, and everywhere across the web. This provides a truly unique and real-time solution for complete inventory control.

  5. You can try it for FREE!

    You can try Menu Syndication for free for 7 Days when you advertise Where's Weed.. Simply visit your menu page today or contact your account representative to get started.

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