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Product Menus: Everything you need to know

Where's Weed's Product Menu for Businesses is the most advanced and comprehensive inventory marketing tools available. By updating you're product inventory on Where's Weed, you'll be keeping your customers up-to-date with your latest product offerings, no matter where they're looking on the web.

Additionally, keeping your menu and other profile information up-to-date will help your business rank higher and appear in search results when customers search for a particular product or strain. 

Adding & Editing Products

Product Menus: Everything you need to know

To add a product, simply click "Add Product" from the top navigation bar. When adding a product, be sure to include:

  • a product category (Sativa, Edible, Concentrate, etc...)
  • a product name (Sour Diesel) 
  • a product image
  • a description (any additional information that might help your customer understand this product)
  • pricing (flat fee or varying sizing/pricing)
  • product test results (THC, CBD and CBN percentages)

To edit an existing menu item, simply hover your mouse over the item you wish to edit and select the “edit” icon. From this pop-up you are able to change the name, price, and description. To remove an existing menu item, hover over it and select the “delete” icon. 

Product Menus: Everything you need to know

Bulk Editing Products

To speed up your inventory control, Where's weed allows you to edit products in bulk. To do so, simply "Check" the checkbox next to individual products and click on the Edit or Delete buttons at the bottom of your screen.

Please note that when editing multiple products, some product features may not be adjustable, such as editing the name, pictures, lab results, etc.


Product Categories

Product Menus: Everything you need to know

Where's Weed auto-creates several categories based on common industry offerings. These categories include: Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids, Edibles, Concentrates, Prerolls and Seeds. Optionally, you may also add additional categories outside of our presets.

Category Ordering

Product categories can be re-ordered by clicking the “Order Categories” button at the top of your menu. From here you can drag and drop each category around until you find an order that suites you.

Menu Syndication

Point-of-Sale Menu Integration

Where's Weed has affiliated with several point-of-sale systems for dispensaries and delivery services. By integrating your POS system, you can automatically feed your product inventory straight to Where's Weed - at no additional charge!

Read our tutorial on POS Integration, or visit the Menu Integration link from the Menu page on your profile.



Menu Syndication

Menu Syndication

As any business owner knows, keeping your inventory up-to-date online can be a daunting task. On average, a business owner can spend anywhere from 15-60+ minutes daily updating various inventory across the web. To address this, Where's Weed has created a new product called Menu Syndication. 

In short, this will allow you to maintain your inventory on Where's Weed, and broadcast this information everywhere your customers may be looking. Once syndication is enabled, product and pricing information will be transmitted in real-time straight to Leafly, Facebook and more. 

To learn more about this tool, read our Menu Syndication Tutorial, or visit the Menu Syndication link from the menu page on your profile.

Menu Widgets

Product Menus: Everything you need to know

Where's Weed also makes it easy for you to update your website and social media accounts. From within your profile, visit Edit > Widgets to view a list of available business widgets for your website and social media accounts.

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