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Embedding your Where's Weed marijuana menu on your Wordpress site

Where's Weed is pleased to announce the release of a Wordpress menu widget, allowing dispensary owners to embed their product menu directly on any Wordpress website.

In addition to pulling menu data in real-time, the Where's Weed menu widget has also been developed to embrace responsive web design, allowing it to adapt for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices -- making sure customers can view product information on any device.

The menu widget also allows customers to pre-order their purchases online, directly from the dispensary website. After adding products to their cart, customers will be asked to provide a one-time identity verification, including a valid driver's license and photo of their medical card.


How to install your Wordpress marijuana menu widget

  • Step 1

    Download the latest version of the menu widget from the Wordpress plugin repository here.

  • Step 2

    Log in to your Wordpress administrator, visit the Plugins page, and click on Add New. Select the menu plugin tool and click Upload.

  • Step 3

    Place your business url (e.g. in the plugin settings

  • Step 4

    Place the shortcode "[ww_menu]" (without quotation marks) in a Wordpress page wherever you would like the menu to be displayed.


Like it?

Like the new widget? Give us a review in the Wordpress plugin repository.

Need Help?

Having troubles or want to customize your menu? Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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