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Introducing integrated online ordering for dispensary websites from Where's Weed

DENVER, CO -  Where’s Weed has announced new support for online ordering, enabling business owners to integrate online ordering widgets directly on their own website and social channels. This is in an effort designed to drive more online ordering engagement, while fitting seamlessly within the business owners’ digital identity.

With the new online ordering widgets, customers can browse current offers and begin the pre-order process directly from the business website. During the order confirmation process, customers are required to upload identification and medical verification if required.

Originally debuted in the second quarter of 2015, Where’s Weed's Online Ordering platform has seen outstanding growth, with more than $75,000 in online orders placed in the first two months.

The company has also expanded its offerings to integrate a variety of widgets within the popular website CMS, Wordpress. With a few clicks, dispensary owners can now integrate their marijuana menu in Wordpress, along with their daily specials, follow buttons and reviews.

Where’s Weed plans for continued development of the online pre-ordering system as businesses nationwide embrace the turnkey platform.
About Where's Weed:
Where’s Weed helps people connect with trusted marijuana businesses right in their community. Since 2011, Where’s Weed has been dedicated to helping patients discover marijuana dispensaries and doctors, review marijuana products and interact with others in the community.

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