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Online Ordering: How Order Processing Works

In our previous articles, we discussed the basics of online ordering and also setting up online ordering for your first time. Today, we'll be covering how the communication between the business owner and the user works.

Online Pre-Ordering Communication Flow

  • Step 1

    Users visit your profile and add products to their cart. Users select various products and quantities from either your medical or recreational menu (if applicable).

  • Step 2

    Once the user is ready to complete their order they proceed to the cart to finish the checkout process. This is where the user enters all the important information you as a business owner need. The following information is required to place an order:

    - Name
    - Date of Birth
    - Driver’s License #
    - Upload picture of Med Card (HIPPA compliant system)* If applicable
    - Delivery Address and desired time * If applicable
    - Delivery Fee * If Applicable

  • Step 3

    After completing this information the user can then place the order. Immediately after the order the user receives an email and the business owner is immediately contacted via all of their designated contact methods (either email, text, or both)- found within the Online Ordering settings page.

  • Step 4

    Once you as the business owner gets the pre-order, simply press “accept” or “deny” on the prodder processing page after carefully reviewing the applicants details. Once approved, the user will be notified. If you decide to decline the order for whatever reason, please include that in the order notes section. After the order has been accepted and is marked as processing, you should either be waiting on the customer to come pick it up or have it on its way for delivery.

  • Step 5

    Once the order has been completed, please mark the order as complete on the system. You can either archive it in the system for record keeping or delete immediately if you would like. Your customers will also have the option to mark the order as complete and leave a review for your business.


Closing thoughts

Eventually we will be displaying some order statistics on businesses to help users make decisions. A few metrics that we will be tracking and possibly reporting on in the future are:

  • Response time to confirm an order
  • Average time from order placed to completed
  • Average review of business after online order
  • Total orders placed, accepted, and cancelled


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